RWS CONTEMPORARY WATERCOLOUR COMPETITION Bankside Gallery, London, 6th - 18th March

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, 14th - 24th November

Awarded Founders Purchase Prize in honour of Michael Reynolds and the Midlands Regional Prize for the work 'Evening Light in the Snow' selected by John Penrose.


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Lamb's work explores the boundary between perception and imagination, between what we see and what we feel and remember of a place. Recent works are in response to visits made to Japan along with his current residence in Derbyshire, England.  

Lamb trained at Wimbledon School of Art. He was awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship for Painting & Sculpture at the British School at Rome (2001-2003), and the Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts, Athens (2005) Group exhibitions include Responding to Rome, Estorick Collection of Modern Art and Hyogo International Competition of Painting, Hyogo Museum of Art, Japan.  In 2017 he held his fourth solo exhibition at Browse and Darby, London.



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